Time to time, I cry

Tell the winds of desire to find my satire,
which i feel to be filling up whole of my life,
through this kind,
Time actually is, to be behind the stars to see them,
where they get the light for their shine,
And to copy that path for my life’s light.

I live by the sunshine,
to experience it’s warmth, from the rays which fall
for the effect it made on other’s life,
i wish it made too on mine;

But i forgot soon the life i lead,
is just like another kind,
of many following the suit,
sitting on the lights,
Asking for lifts not for their selves,
but for them who give the lift;

We are left like the dreams,
that people see but forget in the morning,
and they try to remember it but all in vain,
as it’s so sly;

I am and will always be the red light sherry,
people come and go and i lay down in the cries,
of my shy,
and my time,
which i cannot change into any kind;

I wish someone comes and take me away,
like a fairy tale, happening right in my heart,
i wish my red light stand to change,
in the waiting zone for my love,
whom i shall see every morning i wake,
and every night i go to bed;

I may never cease to see him standing for me,
but when can i,
and i as a red light sherry;

I see myself in this fright,
of if i ever get accepted by any one in this society
of Jesus and his lovers.

Β ( To Be Continued )




  1. love the lines where she compares her with the dreams.very thoughtful and beautifully written.

    1. Thanks , you only made me write more, so thanks to you.

  2. beautiful poem πŸ™‚ thanks for the ‘like’ πŸ˜€ mind to follow back ? :))

    1. Your post was equivalently good too. πŸ™‚

      1. thank you, but i’m not as good as you πŸ˜€ haha
        thank you for follow back πŸ˜€

  3. […] be continued) – TIME TO TIME I […]

  4. “Tell the winds of desire to find my satire”- This line hooked me! Wonderful.

    1. Yeah it even hooked me when i wrote it. Quite a positive line, atleast i feel it that way.

  5. thanks pinging my post on crying. u r doing great work!

  6. Hi there Sahil, great that you visited my blog. Will pop in every now and then.

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