winds of realization

Winds Of Realization

What my sense of realization is,
lost through the winds,
I often remember god,
through the windless plains,
where echoes are silenced;

I still voice myself to him,whom i call god,
Where he devices the life of mine,
always the round way;

Care free nature of mine,
dilutes in the essence of restoration of my life’s file’s;
which are often locked away and sent,
in through these winds of realization.




  1. this poem is top noch! It is really effective and i really like it… 😀

    1. Thanks a lot. i hope you also like my this poem which is my favorite and close to heart – 🙂

  2. adultsatires · · Reply

    After realization comes the hard part… One has to ask themselves the questions to find the answers. No psychiatrist in the world has the answers nor does anyone else simply because they are not YOU… 🙂

    1. Actually you are right, i happen to have written a poem regarding this thought but i am not sure about what i called it so as soon as i come across i will paste the link here i hope you can read that too.. and i totally agree with you on this part of a person has to work for his own self not even god can help sometimes.

  3. sorealtonight · · Reply

    Hey there!

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

    Congrats! 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton, it means a lot to me . And do i have to follow the rule right now or after i have won it. Thank you again

  4. I really like this..makes me say hmmm

    1. Thanks for giving it a read.

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